Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Once There Was a Snow Man

Once there was a snow man in jar, in my head. I took him out and this is what he looked like.

Isn't he so cute?! Why is he in a jar? He is in a jar so you can poor hot cocolate over him. He even has some white chocoalte snow at the buttum becasue he knows that every one loves white chocolate.

Incase you were wondering. He is stuck together with powdered sugar and a little water. As I mentioned. His snow is really white chocolate chips. His eyes are not made out of coal, but coloered on with a confectioners pen. And that carrot nose is really just some frosting. Also, he perfers to be assembled outside of the jar and put in before you add the snow.

Happy Holidays,

Miss Riss


Miss Riss said...

so cute!

Miss Riss said...

Actually her mom said it was so cute-not miss riss- I'm just hacking