Sunday, November 6, 2011


You know how people say never to pray for patience. Well, every now and then I forget and ask Heavenly Father for it. Like I did recently. You see I wanted to be more patient with this guy.

Not because he is aggravating (because he isn't), but because he is a very patient person (just look at him patiently smiling at me when I am annoying him while he does his school work).

Now how is Heavenly Father answering my prayers for patience. Well, just like the last time it was not the way I hoped (I was thinking magical patience dust that could be mixed in my hot coco). Instead He decided to throw something bigger and challenging at me.

The challenge is that my husbands job is changing. There are so many different ways it could change. Everyone possibility is so different and half of them come with a LONG list of things to do like moving to a different state(and in the middle of  the holiday season too) and changing allot of travel plans.Why is this an extra trial of patience? Well, there were mistakes on the paper work and the people are taking even LONGER THAN NORMAL. So now I wait, not decorating for thanks giving because we will probably move and stressing over the rising prices of tickets to replace the ones we already bought for Thanksgiving and Christmas. All of this is being don while I remind myself that if I just hurry up and learn my lesson that this teaching experience will end faster.

On the bright side, I know Heavenly Father hears my prayers and I'm allot more patient with my husband now :-).

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