Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Hair is all Gone

Ok mom here are some pictures of my new hair cut. Don't cry it will grow back one day. It is already a bit longer then it is in this photo. My hair must grow fast.

I can't decide if I love it. I do love that it only takes me about 15 minuets to do it and 10 of those are waiting for the flat iron to heat up.

Love you!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Decoratively Done Desk {herringbone desk}

It's finished! Finally after a move and a semester of school I present to you the desk. It took a fair amount of time detailing the drawers of this beauty, and a special thanks needs to go to my husband for helping me move it out side and in and for letting me paint it exactly as I want. (You are wonderful).

So here it is before

and after.

Now I just need the weather to heat up so I can finish painting the dresser. It is moments like these that make me want to live in Arizona when Brett is done with school.

Are there any projects you are going to be working on when the weather gets better?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day {easy gift ideas}

I saw the cutest thing the other day. Their was a guy in the candle section of a store picking out candles and candle holders for a special occasion  You could tell he hadn't done this before. It was so sweet of him to want to do something special for his sweet heart.

I am not that great at preparing for holidays (at least not at this time), so this Valentines we are keeping it simple wich includes gifts. We don't really give gifts on valentines day. We give treats. Hubby is getting his favorite Doritos and Sobe drink. Thankfully pinterest has ways to cuteify these treats.

Here is what I found
There is a person on Etsy that makes these cards 
(but I am making my own)

And this from My Sisters Suitcase

I am so excited to give this to him. He has no idea and I have never manage to come up with a gift that I don't feel like I should double check with him before I buy it. What is he doing for Valentines day? Well, I had a craving for Olive Garden the other week so he made us a reservation. This makes me happy because it means he pays attention to what I say and actually remembers sometimes! That makes me feel loved.

Have a happy Valentine's Day.

Miss Riss