Friday, August 31, 2012

We Like These Things

Quick photo list of things that Brett and I like. All of these picture were taken in the model home we feel in love with. I should have brought my camera with me when I went with Brett. There were so many more things I could have taken pictures of.

1. The color green in a bathroom and this bird art.

 2. Cubby storage by back/garage door.

3. Catch all spot for adults.

4. Islands you can eat at.

5. This backsplash....and the pears. Shame I don't like to eat them. They have such a pretty color.

6. Window seats, especially when they are on the landing half way up the stairs and come with shelves.

7. I also like the railing on the stairs

 8. Study nook area at the top of the stairs. Still in a public area but not a noisy one.

9. Brett LOVES this master bedroom. He loves the colors and how it feels clean. I like it too. The patterns of the curtains and the bed spread especially.

10. A master retreat. While not a requirement it would be nice to have for stay-in dates when their is no babysitter to be had.

The end.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blank Canvas

Brett says I like to move. He is sort of right. I like the blank canvas it creates. You get to start new. There are no expectations. You can change anything you want about yourself without anyone knowing that you were ever different. There has never be a map of what your life looks like in this place and you get to create it. You can decided in your new place that the people their work out in the morning and go to bed before 10:30. There can be meal plans here. The people here are more conservative with their money and use their time wisely.  This is what it looks like folks. They even stick to the schedule.

Moving also gives you a blank canvas to decorate. Mine is all empty and full of potential in these shots.

Living Room



Bathroom (it looks really pink in these shots but the pink is really cream)


Guest room

It isn't empty any more. We have furniture everywhere. Some put in permanent places and other waiting to be moved to their new spot. There are boxes full of things that will add personality to our place and I'm just a bit excited about getting it all done.

Talk to you later,
Miss Riss

Thursday, August 23, 2012


The move has happened. We got our new keys on Saturday and handed over our old ones on Wednesday. Can I just say that I am tired. Exhausted is probably more accurate. I just realized that Wednesday was only yesterday. With everything that we have been doing the days have become weeks that still seem to fly bye. Only we mustn't be getting the appropriate amount of sleep in there.

 I am happy though. The new apartment will be good for us. It is still close to school and is about the same size as our other one. Brett does lament that the living room isn't as big, but we don't keep the eating table in there anymore so it might as well be the same size. I'll upload pictures when we get our internet working properly.

School Starts next week. I am taking Portuguese, art history and two religion/seminary classes. In total it will be 11 credits. I have never taken 11 credits before and I haven't taken a hard class (like Portuguese) in a long time. I'm a little worried that my brain muscles have deteriorated. At least Brett will be able to help me with it.

In other news, my cousin Kourtney is staying with me at the moment. She is marrying a guy that is attending school up here and therefore is moving up. I am so excited to have her here. We are going to do all sorts of fun things together. I just have to wait until she has made it out of the stress of wedding planning mode. I haven't met her guy yet, but she loves him and he brought her closer to me and therefor I like him.

Bye for now,
Miss Riss

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dream a Dream

It is important to have dream, or goals that you are shooting for. It is also important to understand what your husband is dreaming of when he dreams about a nice home. So I took Brett on a date to see some model homes. This is the one we loved (as in we really really want to live there) the most.

We want the study loft that conveniently comes with a master retreat. That way we can hide from the kids when they are teenagers. :-)
And then there is the basement. We figure we would just have them frame the basement and add the tub. Then we could add the rest of the things in ourself over time.  Oddly enough Brett likes this idea because it will give him a project that he will get to do for our home. Perhaps he will also want to take up a gardening project one day. ;-)
We know that this dream is years away (as in 2020ish), but it is good to have something that you are shooting for and it is a good motivator for penny pinching. 

What is your motivation for penny pinching?

Miss Riss

Sunday, August 5, 2012

13 Days and Counting

(image found off of google)

We have 13 days until the big moving day (the one where we rent the u-hall, find every friend with working muscles and bribe them with pizza).

Here is my game plan (some of which has already been started).

Get through the last week summer term.
Pack 3 boxes a day until it is all done.
Buy packing paper to wrap dishes (where does one buy that)
Live off of ramen so there is no post meal clean up.

I can do all of that.

If anyone has any packing or deep cleaning tips please let me know.

Miss Riss