Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blank Canvas

Brett says I like to move. He is sort of right. I like the blank canvas it creates. You get to start new. There are no expectations. You can change anything you want about yourself without anyone knowing that you were ever different. There has never be a map of what your life looks like in this place and you get to create it. You can decided in your new place that the people their work out in the morning and go to bed before 10:30. There can be meal plans here. The people here are more conservative with their money and use their time wisely.  This is what it looks like folks. They even stick to the schedule.

Moving also gives you a blank canvas to decorate. Mine is all empty and full of potential in these shots.

Living Room



Bathroom (it looks really pink in these shots but the pink is really cream)


Guest room

It isn't empty any more. We have furniture everywhere. Some put in permanent places and other waiting to be moved to their new spot. There are boxes full of things that will add personality to our place and I'm just a bit excited about getting it all done.

Talk to you later,
Miss Riss


stayseanne said...

We just moved too. I also LOVE the feeling of starting fresh!

Letia said...

I love to move too. Unfortunately, my hubby doesn't and with kids it becomes less practical. Enjoy the adventure and redesigning yourself and your space however you like!