Friday, August 31, 2012

We Like These Things

Quick photo list of things that Brett and I like. All of these picture were taken in the model home we feel in love with. I should have brought my camera with me when I went with Brett. There were so many more things I could have taken pictures of.

1. The color green in a bathroom and this bird art.

 2. Cubby storage by back/garage door.

3. Catch all spot for adults.

4. Islands you can eat at.

5. This backsplash....and the pears. Shame I don't like to eat them. They have such a pretty color.

6. Window seats, especially when they are on the landing half way up the stairs and come with shelves.

7. I also like the railing on the stairs

 8. Study nook area at the top of the stairs. Still in a public area but not a noisy one.

9. Brett LOVES this master bedroom. He loves the colors and how it feels clean. I like it too. The patterns of the curtains and the bed spread especially.

10. A master retreat. While not a requirement it would be nice to have for stay-in dates when their is no babysitter to be had.

The end.

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J. Paige said...

That house looks like it has some storage and other fun ideas.