Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dream a Dream

It is important to have dream, or goals that you are shooting for. It is also important to understand what your husband is dreaming of when he dreams about a nice home. So I took Brett on a date to see some model homes. This is the one we loved (as in we really really want to live there) the most.

We want the study loft that conveniently comes with a master retreat. That way we can hide from the kids when they are teenagers. :-)
And then there is the basement. We figure we would just have them frame the basement and add the tub. Then we could add the rest of the things in ourself over time.  Oddly enough Brett likes this idea because it will give him a project that he will get to do for our home. Perhaps he will also want to take up a gardening project one day. ;-)
We know that this dream is years away (as in 2020ish), but it is good to have something that you are shooting for and it is a good motivator for penny pinching. 

What is your motivation for penny pinching?

Miss Riss

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J. Paige said...

I like that floor plan- sounds like a fun date