Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Table for Kids

When I was younger 90% of my moms family lived in Arizona. I remember regular Sunday dinners and ginormous Thanksgiving feasts. My grandma would have the TV from the bedroom pulled into the kitchen where she could watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Aunts, Uncles and cousin would slowly trickle in as the smell food wafted its way throughout the house. Finally it would be time to eat and there would be the cutest little folding table for the little kids to eat at. 

My little table isn't as cute as my grandmother's retro red and white folding table so I decorated it up for a Thanksgiving feast. Not that I am actually going to get to use it as we are moving. I just wanted to for a minuet.

I used a simple center pieces of pumpkins because those don't break

I wrote I'm thankful for on the paper place-mats I made so the kids can draw something they are thankful for when they are done eating and the parents talk or eat.

I burnt the edge of the white paper for texture (and because I wanted to play with fire)

and I made the turkey just because he is cute.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Miss Riss


Amber said...

I love this. Girl if I were rich I would love to sponser your craftiness. Love you.

J. Paige said...

Love these!!