Saturday, November 12, 2011


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Once again we are moving. This time it is back to Utah (where our tiny family of two started). I love Utah. I always have. There are wonderful things there. We have old friends and family scattered throughout the state. Plus, Utah is thrifter's heaven.

That said, there are things that I am going to miss. In fact, I am going to miss them horribly. Things like the Ocean, my job and the wonderful friends that I have made here. Brett might be going back to school too so there goes my comfortable income as we would be starving students. Leaving these things behind makes me feel nervous.

While I am nervous about the move because it has come at such short notice and I am sad that I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to do while I was here, I know that we are going to be OK. I know that we are going where we are supposed to go and that their is a reason {whatever it maybe} that we are going. I may not comprehend it yet (or ever), but Heavenly Father has great things in store for us.

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