Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birds Nest Necklace {DIY}

Have you heard about the Pinterest Challenge that these girls (her and her) are having? I did and since I was making this for Christmas presents anyway (and I sort of think these girls are cool) I figured why not.
Here is the pin that I pinned here that I pinned from here

and here is my version on how to make it.

1. String beads onto wire in the order you want them.
2. Glue felt to the back so it won't slip around while you are making it.

3. Cut the felt in a circle around the beads without cutting the wire (since it was just one bead I didn't add the wire yet).

4. Wrap wire round and round until the nest is as thick as you want it to be and then cut the wire. During this process you will want to bend a loop into it so you can attach the chain later.

5. Cut off three or three inch pieces of wire. Then wrap that through the edges of your nest.
6. Attach the chain and wear proudly or wrap up for gift.

Happy Crafting and Pinning,

Miss Riss


SOulHappy said...

Gorgeous!! Love the idea :)

Janelle said...

Cute take on the necklace! I also pinned that one for inspiration. Hope you have a lovely day. xo