Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On the Bright Side

The computer we just bought (a week ago) died so there are no more posts for december. On the bright side the people are sending us a new one for free (as they should).

We can't move into our apartment until the 3rd. On the bright side it is an up stairs apartment in my ideal location and it has lots of storage.

We accidently let the movers pack our phone chargers. On the bright side we have the car cgargers for the phones.

Brett is still job hunting becasue no one hires in January unless two employess just quit. On the bright side two employees just quit at the girly job I applied for so now I have a job.

Happy Hollidays and a very merry Christmas.

Miss Riss


J. Paige said...

keep looking on the bright side- Heavenly Father is taking care of you

stayseanne said...

I love that you are always looking on the bright side.