Monday, October 17, 2011

Little Witches Big Night

I remember my mom reading this with me when I was little. It is a story about a good little witch that becomes friends with the trick-or-treaters. I highly recommend it.

I have heard of some people don't like Halloween because they feel it celebrates evil things. I think it is a matter of perspective though. For-example, when I dressed up for Halloween as a witch I certainly wasn't making a connection to the devil or demons. I thought of all the fun things a witch could do, like making caramel apples appear, being able to blink my room clean and flying on a broom stick. A witches power came from genetics not some evil deal with the devil. No, I won't be letting my kids dress up as things from horror movies, but innocent ghosts, super heroes, cow boys, princesses and good little witches will parade out my front door one day. Why?, because I enjoy the creative, odd, unushual, and creepy (have you seen some spiders) things of this world every now and then.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Miss Riss

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