Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Fun Packages

A week ago I sent off three Halloween Care packages. Just some little things to inspire some Halloween fun (and decorating).

Each one was a little different but here is what went in this one to my TX Parents and my Sister's family.

Halloween Oreos- For brother-in-law (he thinks they taste better than normal oreos)
Stamps- for my sister because she likes to make cards and doesn't eat sugar and my mom because she is uber crafty.
Play-dough- For the two year-old nephew because he will like it and hi mom will not be happy if I give him sugar.
Candy Corn -For my mom because she loves them
Pumpkin money- For my dad because he is the best pumpkin carver I know.
Sugar cookie mix and Halloween cookie-cutters because it is tradition to do knock-and-runs. It is such a tradition that my mom even sent me a Halloween Knock-and-Run kit. (we think alike)

Have a Happy Halloween Month.

Miss Riss

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