Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fireside with Sister Beck

Last Sunday Sister Beck came to speak to the Relief Society Sisters in my Stake (stake = organized group of local church members).  It was wonderful to go and hear her speak (did you know that she speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently?). Since it was Sister Beck I knew that I had to get their early if I wanted to be able to sit close enough to see her facial expressions. So me and these two gals went 2 hours early to save seats and have a picnic.

It was wonderful to be fed physically and spiritually. I always knew that sister beck has a deep love for women but having heard her speak at the fireside also made me realize that she is my friend.  

Here are a few things she mentioned that I especially like. (I am not putting them in quotes because it might not all be word for word)

- I believe that it is time for Latter-day saint women to pray for miracles and expect them
- This world is not the dream. This world is preparing us for the dream.
- You came here for a mortal experience and you're getting one.

Two other things that I especially liked.

She paralleled Moroni fortifying the Nephite Lands to us fortifying our lives and homes. She mentioned that every women's home is her fort and she should guard it like a lioness.

The part of her talk that I think was especially for me came at the end of her talk. It was five things to do when you wake up to show the lord that you are ready to face the day with faith.

1. Get up
2. Pray
3. Read Scriptures
4. Get Dressed
5. Make Your Bed

Along with a short list of to-dos, these five things are what I want to apply to my life.

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David and Amber said...

And I would like to add working out in there too at least three times a week...Things in life look a little clearer after you drip sweat...Thanks for sharing, I'm so glad you did.