Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bargain Gals

Last Saturday rolled around with its garage sales so my friend Jenny and I rolled out of bed early (ignored the lack of makeup on our faces) and hit the streets to see what we could find. Among them is the hat I am wearing (you'll find out more about it later).
Here are some things we saw but didn't buy.....


and some things we saw and did buy.

2 for $5

$1 (2 by 3 feet)

I so wanted that chair. Their were actually 2 of them for $100 but I bet I could have talked them down to $70. Can you emagin them apholstered? I couldn't justify it though. My apartment is alredy full of furniture on the upholstery list. My Man would have shook his and we are so well off for newly weds that I just need to be grateful and use what I have.

I am excited for all the projects that we have in mind for the things Jenny and I bought (I forgot to take pictures of the things she bought). Of course I will share with you our projects. I did promise you some craft do it yourself things after all.

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