Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday (Week 2)

Thank you for all the kind comments you left last Wednesday. It made me feel pretty and like I wasn't a complete nut. I must tell you that I feel silly "modeling" for these pictures. Brett jokes and teases me with comments like "Work it girl", "Now be a tiger" and "Give me more". I have no idea where he got his information that photographers say that. I know our wonderful wedding photographer didn't say things like that.

This weeks outfit is rocking the Australian Olympic teams colors. At least this is what I remember their colors being. See.....

Green and Yellow. I could totally rock this at the olympic games this summer.....they are this summer, right?
So far my goal to avoid buying myself more clothes is going well. I keep stumbling upon jewelry that I had forgotten I had. I can't decide if this is better then getting something new or not. I am thinking it is better because I am not spending more money. Maybe one day all the money I'm saving will allow me to go to the olympic games. It's on my unofficial bucket list.

Bye for now,

Miss Riss

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Amber said...

I love the big yellow buttons!!