Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Dream Room

I have decided to let the living room alone for awhile. Instead I have been focusing on the master bedroom. I have come up with this great room. It's my realistic dream room. 

Only now I have just been told that my apartment does not allow people to paint! I'm so mad that I want to move! I know I was going to paint the walls in the room black and have a chalk wall but I was going to paint it back to the boring-oh-so-blah-cream that no one in their right minds really wants on their wall. We will see what I can do. If I am going to be here for three more years I need to do something. For now it is going to have to stay a dream. :-(

1 comment:

J. Paige said...

You can paint a giant piece of plywood with chalk paint and then hang that on the wall :)