Monday, February 27, 2012

My Current Living Room

Good Morning! Since my family lives in strange and diverse places (like Texas) and I live in Utah, I have decided to share with them (and you) what my current living room situation is. I am also hoping for advice as to what they think I should do. Before we get to the photo let me tell you what I need this room to do. That way your brain can be working as you look at these pictures.

First it needs to be a place where we can hang out and play games with not only us, but six other people as well. We would also like ti to hold our computer even though we could put it in the "study" because we want it to be in a high traffic space. Lastly we would like to have a tiny place to eat. 

With out further ado, here are the pictures.

See the computer in the corner? It doesn't have to stay there and just so you know, that couch is HUGE!

Please excuse the last few boxes in this room. 

Can you see how that closet door cuts my living room up.  

Now that you have seen it, any suggestions? Oh and should I dye that tanish colored love-seat, do any of you know how a girl could do that?

Miss Riss.

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