Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Decorating Debate

While I am not near the part where I get to put all of my decorating plans into action, here is what I am thinking for the living room. It is partially inspired by some of the work of an Australian designer from Black and Spiro in Brisbane.  Of course I will not be buying these exact items (as they are way to over priced for me) and they will not be setup quite like so, but this is my jumping off point. At least I think it is my jumping off point. My husband questions this room because he thinks he couldn't relax in it. Of course his idea of comfort is an overstuffed sofa that is really to big for ANY apartment.

This (and that I would like your opinion) is why I need to know what you all think. For example are there to many colors competing for attention? Is the shadow bird a bit weird or is he must have? Would it be hard for you to relax in this room? Is the room completely crazy? AM I completely crazy (no don't answer that)?

Please let me know.

Miss Riss


J. Paige said...

Can you compromise with a stuffed comfy couch in a cool color- like the blue? I would change the rug and make all the picture frames turquoise- but I'm not that great at design- I'm
very traditional and matchy matchy. You probably need someone youngs opinion :o)

Amber said...

I would change the rug too. Ha mom and I must be related. There are to many colors and it is to busy of a pattern for that room. I also would take off a couple of the pillows on the coutch, it dosen't look very comfy when there is no room. These prints would be so easy to frame. Think printables and cute scrapbook paper framed. Good luck.

stayseanne said...

This isn't quite my style but I like many things about it. In particular I like the pillows. (If it were my house though I would do fewer colors. 1. I don't think I could pull off so many colors 2. It's a little busy for my taste. I mean if I had to spend every day looking at it it would be though I think I would admire someone else's home with such style.)

I like the elephant and the side table/ stand a lot too.

No I don't think you are crazy. I do think it is pretty trendy. Which is great but sometimes very trendy gets old. At least I sometimes get tired of many things that I bought that were trendy. Will you still like it in a few months do you think?

Chic. I think it is very urban and chic though.

The other thing is that your husband doesn't like it. He has to be there too... If you took out a color to tone it down a little would he like it?

Whatever you do though will be fabulous though because that's just Miss Riss.

Achi said...

Yes, too many colors. In my living room there is one kind of color.
Also I like that you read the Book of Mormon. So are you a church member? We come from Taiwan and speak Chinese. My wife and I will visit California. Do you have any suggestion?

Miss Riss said...

Yes Archi I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. If you are visiting the Monterey California area here are my recommendations of things todo.

Go to lovers point. When you are there you will see a Kayak rental so you can go Kyacking in the bay. There is also a place to rent those pedal cars that you can drive on the bike/jogging path that goes around the bay (the path goes for forever). I recommend going towards the aquarium.

Go to the aquarium on Cannery row. (while you are there stop at the Ghirahdeli (sorry I am not spelling that right) chocolate shop and get a hot chocolate with caramel and sea salt.

On Tuesday's there is a farmers market in the evening. It is located in downtown Monterey. I think on Alvarado street. While there get a curry nan wrap and buy a scarf from Auntie Constance.

One more thing. On Lighthouse there is a restaurant called Hulas. Go they have wonderful fries and for dessert get the Lil Koapi pie.

Oh and if you are in Southern California you must go to Disneyland. :-)

Achi said...

Thanks for your reply.
We will arrive at San Francisco on April 2. And then we will visit Yosemite on April 4. Then we plan drive on State Route 1 to Los Angeles.Then on April 9 go back to Taiwan.
We have booked the hotel in San Francisco and Yosemite but not booked the hotel in Los Angeles.
We want to plan to visit Monterey California area and other places you suggest if we have time.
We may have no time to visit Disneyland because we had visit Tokyo Disneyland.