Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cousin Dear

My cousin Kourtney has been staying with me on the weekends for the last few weeks so she can be near her fiance until she gets married next month (YEA!). I absolutely love having her around. She is one of those people that motivate you from example to be better. I am so glad she is part of my life. She also LOVES to organize. She says it is a challenge and if you have seen all the things I have in my house you would agree. Yesterday we spent most of the day cleaning and organizing. She is FAST. We got the bathroom and all but the dishes done in the kitchen.

You see that there? Its a floor!

Then today I came home and found that my living room had been finished and the dishes all done. There are still a few boxes that need my attention, but it is wonderful. You can actually sit on the couch and see the surface of the desk! She is AMAZING in so many ways and honestly just made my life ten times better and more functional.

Thank you SO much Kourtney. See you when you get back. :-)

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