Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cabin Fever

My Family owns a cabin near Salt Lake City. Every now and then Brett and I will high tail it up there to escape from the world and occasionally venture into Salt Lake. Our last excursion was for our Anniversary/Back to School trip.

The cabin is called Fry's Dream which always makes me think of fish.
There is a basketbal hoop out back. I think I won the game of horse.
I must say that I love these Swedish curtains and the indian blanket. I would love to get to decorate it.
We also made it to Salt Lake and most importantly the Cheesecake Factory. There we indulged ourselves in really good food that included a delicious slice of mango coconut cheese cake. Sigh, it was so yummy. I died and went to tropical paradise. This is Brett candid, or perhaps it was his reaction to my eating the cheesecake.

Our trip also included a trip to Antropologie (where I found a dress that I love but will not
buy), and walk around Temple Square that included going to the beehive house.

Salt Lake City Temple

The trip was wonderful and not nearly long enough. We love going to the cabin and look forward to taking our kids there for family vacation someday. Maybe Amber and David can come up and we can have a little party there.

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