Monday, April 16, 2012


While my sister and nephew were here we went to the zoo. These pictures are for adoring grandmas. Oh and there are ALLOT of them, for which I ask no forgiveness because I am one of those I-can't-get-enough-of-his-cuteness aunts.

The first stop of the day was to walk through the primate houses.

 Then there were the elephants where Brody and I talked about their long noses.

He thought they were pretty cool, especially the tiny one.

 After that were the rinos. I think Brody might have liked them the best. He certainly loved pointing out the animals to his mom.

 More monkeys followed that.

 I think Brody and I made monkey noises but that might have just happened in my head.
 The picture of the orangoutang is probably my favorite animal picture of the day.
 That is what the tiger did when Brody looked at it. 
 Then they did all of this.

 There was also a Navaho village that Brody enjoyed exploring.

I am pretty sure I hit one of these when I was in TX.

 Last but not least was the park with a bridge,

 an egg,

a rope web,

and a crocodile that Brody stuck his head in.
I will have to explain to him that if it is real you should run away.
  Oh and we also ate yummy oranges that my sister pealed for us.

My sister is a big advocate for eating healthy and you can tell by what Brodie's favorite foods are.

That was our trip to the zoo. I loved every moment of it and am excited to go with my family again.

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