Monday, April 2, 2012

April to-do List

Something pretty for you to see.

I found this photo via pinterest that lead me to here

It is amazing how vital a list is when getting organized and getting things done. At least, a list is vital for me if I want to get something done. Since I am concentrating on my living room this month here is April's list of decorating to-dos. I am hoping that if I share it with you it will actually get done.

Finish painting desk
Pick out and instal new hardware for the desk
Paint the "golf frame"
Cover white boxes with scrap book paper
Paint cork board
Buy plastic lion and paint it white
Pick out and hang curtains
Get the hieroglyphic art framed

That is it. It's not to long and isn't to tasking on my decor budget. Seems possible, right? What about all of you? Have you made an April to-do list? Is there any decorating on that list?


Kim said...

Because I have been very behind on the blogging thing I had no idea you started a new blog - it's lovely - and your 'new' cupboards look great.

I'll do better at looking more often because I love seeing what you are up to.

Heidi of Operation Organization - MN said...

amazing what a little paint will do, isn't it? looks like a custom piece now! well done!! :)