Saturday, December 22, 2012

Miss Riss Interiors: Amber's Baby Girl Room

Did you know my sister is having a baby? She is! Its a girl this time and we are all excited. She has asked me to help her figure out some decorating options. Working with her, this is what I came up.

I couldn't find a good picture of a yellow crib so the dresser is representing. 

What dear sister do you think? Did I interpret what you were trying to tell me correctly?

 Something I thought you might like is to have the crib look worn. Like this dresser (created and photographed by the talented Miss Mustard Seed), but in yellow. 

Miss Mustard Seed also has tutorials on how to achieve this look.

Let me know sister if you like it and if you want more ideas.

Miss Riss.

P.S. When you know what you are going to name her we can get the right letter to go on her wall. Pebbles in My Pocket sells some in there Orem store.

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Amber said...

We just need a touch of modern and zella we have a nursery.