Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday (Week 3)

Hello again! Are you tired of looking at the clothes in my closet yet? If you are thats no good because I still have allot of outfit potential in there that I need to focus on. If you missed the reason why I am sharing my wardrobe with you click here. Don't worry. I'm not a narcissist.

Here is the outfit for the week.

This yellow hippie shirt was my last purchase before I started this thing.  I love it and it added a much needed print to my mostly printless wardrobe. To late have I realized this fact. I will have to work with what I have...........maybe I can draw crazy designs on one of my many plain white shirts with a permeant marker.....No?

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.

Miss Riss


Amber said...

I like this shirt. Cute, cute. You could use your old no longer want t-shirts and rip them up to make ruffles or flowers for a few of your plain shirts.

stayseanne said...

Cute Cute!